The Texas Tone™ D5E Tube Amp

Texas Tone D5E

Texas Tone™ D5E

Tele players love the Fender 5E3 tweed Deluxe amp. They love the versitility of the interactive dual input, dual channel design with an simple tone control. They love the breakup, the crunch tones it produces that are ideal for blues and rock music. They love the portability and simplicity of a single 12" combo amp. It's considered the ideal Tele amp for certain types of music. That being said, there are a few drawbacks, or compromises, to the amp that Tele players sometimes put up with in order to get that sweet tone.

Among the drawbacks to the original 5E3 tweed Deluxe are these:

Tele players love the tweed Deluxe, but they often complain about the lows "farting out" or it being too compressed too soon, and especially too much distortion at too low Volume control settings. Through careful research and development, we have found a way to retain the classic tweed Deluxe tones while eliminating the complaints. We think you'll like the results!

What we have done with the Texas Tone™ D5E is to take the basic 5E3 tweed Deluxe amp and made a few tweaks to it to bring it up to date. Implement a modern grounding scheme to lower the noise floor of the amp. Tweak the preamp gain figures to gain a bit more headroom.

Tech Stuff

Here's what we did (without giving too much away). Eliminated ground loops inherent in the original design and implemented a modern distributed star ground scheme. Reduce the voltage gain of the preamp section, allowing more variation in the volume control before cutoff distortion occurs. Re-bias the output tubes for greater compression headroom, a much greater dynamic/touch sensitive response, and greater sustain and singing quality at stage volume. We also decoupled the screen grids of the power tubes (Fender did this on all their later amps).
The results? We also offer the option of a switchable preamp to allow using either the original tweed Deluxe gain, or the revoiced Texas Tone™ D5E preamp. Another option is a switchable negative feedback loop. While the sound of the amp is more interesting without it, adding the feedback loop will create a cleaner sound with less crunchy distortion and a flatter frequency response. Imagine a tweed Deluxe with lots of clean headroom!.

The Blumentritt Amps Texas Tone™ D5E all tube guitar amplifier, starting at $950.00. To purchase the Texas Tone™ D5E, please use PayPal, or visit my Etsy store.

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