The Little Tex 5W Tube Guitar Amplifier

Built By Hand in Austin, Texas

Little Tex Amplifier

Little Tex™ Guitar Amplifier

If you like those famous vintage Champ tones, then this little beauty will fit the bill and give you that wonderful tone you'been craving. I backed a singer-songwriter on stage one time using only a Fender Stratocaster and a Fender Champ amplifier, and I can still remember that beautiful, sweet tone. This amp can go from a sweet clean sound to an all out crunch. The Little Tex™ tube guitar amplifier incorporates a proven single-ended Class A 5 watt circuit into a beautiful hand finished cabinet. Gig, practice, and record with those classic tones that defined rock and blues music.

Tech Stuff
We use power and output transformers from Magnetic Components of Chicago, the same company that built many of the '50s and '60s tube amp transformers. For added flexiblity, it has Low and High gain inputs. The Low input allows lowel level practice or recording, or plug your high output pickups into the Low input for a bit more headroom. The Little Tex™ Champ style circuit has that natural compression, rich 2nd order harmonics, and buttery overdrive that you expect in a Single Ended output. The dynamics of this amp allow you to control the amount of clean or crunch by using the guitar controls and your picking attack

The Little Tex™ electronic components are mounted on a tough turret board, and hand wired with 600 volt 105C Mil-spec wire. The cabinet is made of finger jointed pine, and hand finished for both good looks and durability.

The Blumentritt Amps Little Tex™ all tube guitar amplifier. $550.00. To purchase the Little Tex™, please use send me an email request.

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